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StadtLandFluss was established by Prof. Dr. Christian Küpfer in 1998. The name (translated literally: "TownLandRiver") arises from a child`s game contrived in the 19th century. Presently the StadtLandFluss team is formed by three landscape planning engineers with perennial professional experience. For comprehensive tasks we cooperate with specialists like animal ecologists, hydrologists, economists and social scientists.The main focuses of StadtLandFluss are:

  • Classical landscape planning tasks like they are defined in the HOAI
  • Agrarian structure analysis, communication with farmers and other land users
  • Creation and implementation of innovative strategies (eco account, regional marketing, conflict resolutions, for example in planning and realizing compensatory measures)
  • Pre-operating studies for regional, federal and national governments
  • Transboundary plannings, studies, and concepts (mostly in cooperation with foreign partners)