Compensatory measures very often are accomplished in agricultural and forestal areas. But what happens after completion? For a sustainable measure management the long-term financing of our projects is very important. Therefore we always cooperate in our projects from the start with farmers and other land users. They are our project partners already in the conceptional phase just as well as administrations and agencies. Their advice always finds our attentive ear.
For this issue we have developed a vital sphere of action: communication problems between the different acting people impede the planning process. We detect these deficits and target at stable consensual problem solutions. We pay attention to the communication of the participants in the planning process and emphasize the same significance to it as to the well-founded planning itself.

Our plannings: balanced multidisciplinary and legally compliant

Firstly, Land Use Plan and Environmental Report, EIA and technical planning must correspond - so we landscape planners work hand in hand with urban and technical planers as regards content and organisation. That's what we stand for! Secondly, our pools of appropriate lots and eco accounts are well prepared for further plannings. Eco account users can easily and instantaneously utilize the lots and measures for compensatory purposes out of our data bank. Planning cannot be done more efficient than this! Thirdly, the perpetual change of legal terms makes high demands on all acting persons and institutions in the planning process. We observe the changes alert and carefully and adjust our plannings and studies permanently. So we safeguard to work up to date to law issues and planning methods!