What you get

  • well-founded, legally compliant landscape analysis and evaluation
  • result-oriented measure planning
  • development of strategies for alternative land use forms
  • Iinnovations in planning and realisation
  • scientific steering and company of planning processes
  • trainings and instructions for example in meetings and congresses about environmental impact assessment, eco account, and communication in planning processes



What you don`t get

Simple studies, plans, and programmes 

Surprised, astonished? Well, we work on problem solutions - therefore we set a high value on measure plannings which correspond to the ecological issues of the landscape as well as to the needs and demands of those who live and work in and with the landscape. That's why the problems which are to be solved get analyzed and discussed at the "round table" and/or bilateral.
Our experience: Measure plannings done this way stand a good chance to sustain. Press releases and information meetings for the public have a big influence on the success of landscape plannings!